A look at my experience with emotional and financial abuse in a long term relationship.

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During the 10 years of my relationship with my ex husband it never occurred to me how uneven our relationship was. It never occurred how much emotional abuse and financial abuse, gaslighting, and manipulation would…

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I’ve noticed lately that it still seems difficult for people born into generational wealth to ever admit to it. I understand finances can be relative, and to some people what they have may not seem like a lot in comparison to other people. …

Documenting my COVID jabs and the path to so called normalcy.

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My first experience as an Indigenous person getting the shot was an interesting one. I didn’t hear much from the government. …

You and I are Earth.

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Today is Earth Day. A day to reflect on how we’ve treated our Mother. I created this video not long ago to cover some cold stone facts about the fashion industry and its problems. …

My experience as an urban Indigenous two spirit person navigating the pandemic and healthcare system.

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There is something I feel frustrated about as a low income Indigenous person. When I see how colonizers have managed to cultivate the healthcare system to their advantage. …

Spring/Summer 2021

Top trend picks for this spring and summer from Gem.App!

  1. One current trend this spring / summer is oversized masculine jackets.
Silver Oversized Boyfriend Jacket

Tonight I saw down to watch the new Amy Poehler film Moxie on Netflix. It is based on the book by Jennifer Mathieu. I’ve been a fan of Poehler for many years since her stint on SNL, and Parks & Recreation. She was always admirable, and my personal favorite work…

Jan/Feb 2021

Since the pandemic, I wanted to make a point to focus on new music through out the year. Since March 2020, I compiled a isolation mix on Spotify which highlighted what I was listening to in lock down.

I want to highlight some of my new favorite music…

(but maybe not Matty Matheson)

Matty Matheson via Twitter.

I won a contest to sit down and virtual chat with Canadian Legend and Big Dog Chef Matty Matheson.

If you’re unaware of who Matty Matheson is…first.. how dare you?! Secondly, buckle up tight because you too are likely to become a Matty fan.

To be honest, I don’t even…

Eva Bowering (she/her/they)

#twospirit Kahnawá:ke Mohawk🌱 I enjoy writing about pop culture, fashion, music, sexual health, and more.

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